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Behold the captivating charm of this enchanting ring, designed to cast an unbreakable spell of elegance upon you. This exquisite knuckle ring is encrusted with small, sparkling diamonds it exudes a mesmerising aura that draws you in. The intricate design splits itself into a majestic throne-like structure, crafted to uplift and gracefully cradle a mystical healing crystal clasped securely by its nails.

As you slip the ring on, it lovingly embraces the base of your finger, its diamonds extending gracefully across the joint, forming a dazzling spectacle. The focal point is the mystical healing crystal, seated right above the joint, radiating positive energy and captivating everyone with its ethereal beauty.

The Mystic Gem Throne ring comes with a range of alluring gemstones and is designed to be adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for all. Sold as a single piece this ring is available in single size.

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