Qamini Sunglasses

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The enigmatic allure of the Sinister Glance acquired by wearing the Kaminis. Each fleeting gaze cast by this bewitching accessory possesses an uncanny power, creating a psychological manipulation that captivates all who dare to lock their eyes on it.

Just like the Black Widow, the Qamini has a threat of eerie and spine chilling force, with her Octa limb design gracefully framed around the eyes bridged by her star studded eyes, each delicately designed to sit on the nose of the adorner, becoming a portal to her realm. Many know Qamini as a thrill seeking, mind bending, authority provoking assassin. Popularly known for her dangerous weapon - sinister glances - profoundly interested in duping others entwined in her web of pleasure and gain.

Try and buy option allows you to visualise the sunglass on your face. Try the sunglasses and determine which frame and size suits your face the best.

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