Drops Of Light Necklace

セール価格 価格 Rs. 6,900.00 通常価格

Drip, drip, drop, drop! Embrace yourself within a symphony of elegance and vitality, that beckons you with every bubble and drop. The drop of Light Choker is a testament to understated allure seamlessly fusing simplicity with enchantment.

Crafted with exquisite artistry, the Drop of the Light Necklace boasts a sleek long chain of delicate lustrous freshwater pearls, each gleaming with luminosity, and adorned with the allure of beautiful turquoise studs. This turquoise pearl neck chain gracefully adorns your neck with elegance, creates a dance of vibrant turquoise stones against the backdrop of delicate pearls creates a mesmerizing, infusing burst of colours that effortlessly elevates any look!

Sold as a single piece, Drop of Light Necklace is adjustable and can be styled in multiple ways, catering to individual comfort and style, ensuring a seamless and sung fit for any wearers of all preferences.

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