Rasmalai Hairdrip

Prix réduit Prix Rs. 5,900.00 Prix régulier

Indulge in the mesmeric charm of Little drips and drops of petals on your forehead with our captivating Ras Malai Hairdrip. Drawing inspiration from majestic peacocks, this intricately designed maangtika, boasts two gracefully intertwined peacocks, each adorned with semi-precious pink/white Kundan stones glistening in their eyes, symbolizing beauty and grace. Enhancing the design's allure.

The falling feathers of the peacocks are embellished with v-shaped semi-precious pink/white Kundans, set using the age-old Kundan setting technique, seamlessly connecting it to delicately petal-like maangtika trickling down gracefully on your forehead.

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