King Slayer

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This killer is disguised as a divine warrior with a serpent engraved on its enigmatic black tooth, shielded by armour draped in an immaculate swath of pure white and a tail crowned with a semi-precious red ruby. Flaring its wings open in all its glory every time, your finger decides to bow down creating a display of magnificence, casting shimmering reflections that dance upon your senses. 

The tooth sits on your nail gracefully, extending its allure along your finger, ensuring seamless freedom of movement. Its beautiful wings are adorned with an intricate tapestry of broken mirrors, skillfully embedded using the timeless Kundan setting technique.

This piece is enamelled in the black, off-white, and delicate gold lining, harmoniously converging to create an enchanting and ominous aura.   Available in two sizes - small and large, this warrior is sold as a single piece and is adjustable in nature and ensures a comfortable and customized fit for every wearer. 

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