Cosmic Avalanche earring

Prix réduit Prix Rs. 6,900.00 Prix régulier

Let’s talk money, baby! Indulge in the captivating allure of our exquisite “Money Melody” Cosmic Avalanche Earrings, beautifully connecting the past with the present. Crafted with authentic 5 Paisa and 10 Paisa coins, these earrings exude a unique charm that blends ancient symbolism with modern design. Reminisce to the old times with these earrings complimented by our D-bangle.

Crafted with a symphony of vintage coins, the Cosmic Avalanche earrings serve as a reminder of the journey they've embarked upon. These old coin silver earrings serve as a poetic harmony between vintage charm and contemporary design, seamlessly weaving together the thread of ancient symbolism and modern aesthetics.

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