Man Eater

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Man Eater, a majestic carnivore is a striking embodiment of protection and elegance delicately perched upon your fingertip. Its intricate design captures the essence of a majestic carnivore. With its pointed tooth, this creature gracefully extends its body to the rest of your finger, ensuring seamless freedom of movement while maintaining a formidable presence.

Its beautiful wings are adorned with a mosaic of either broken mirrors or chapped semi-precious Black Kundan stones,set using the age-old  Kundan setting technique. As your finger unfurls, the majestic creature's tail stretches to embrace and shield your knuckles, serving as a symbol of unwavering guardianship.  

Available in two sizes - small and large, this majestic carnivore is sold as a single piece ensuring a snug fit for every wearer, effortlessly adjustable to perfection.

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