Falooda Necklet

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Blue or Pink, choose your colour! Inspired by the enhancing Indian dessert, the Falooda Necklet is an exquisite fusion of art and inspiration - a harmonious blend of sleek petals sculpted, that encircles your neck with grace. A vibrant and eye-catching accessory, the Falooda Necklet features sculpted petals that delicately evoke the essence of Falooda.

At the same time, the edges are adorned with semi-precious dazzling Kundan stones in shades of white and pink, creating a refined tapestry of elegance. Complementing this ornate arrangement are delicate freshwater pearl/vibrant turquoise bulbs adorning the necklet’s other side in a symphony of colours. 

Sold as a single piece, this pink kundan necklace is a celebration of individuality.

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